Genera offers a full design, consultancy service, experience in securing planning as well as grid connection permissions, plus dedicated project management to ensure each project hits every milestone. We are experienced in dealing with high-profile projects. We also work to stringent health and safety standards and protocols.

With our International network, we can offer a fast, responsive service across all regions we operate in. We work with leading brands, which include tier 1 panels and source high-quality materials for every project. Our network of expert engineering will advise each client on the most suitable system for their project at every stage.

We will obtaining approval as a contractor or subcontractor for authorities, should we need to obtain any necessary permission, to install a system. As such we are happy to complete any tender or pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) documents that may be necessary.


The Genera schools solar initiative will help schools worldwide in attaining free solar (PV) systems which will bring not only environmental or economic but social gains. The schools initiative has a number of key features that are designed to support schools now and in the future; to provide an all-rounded sustainable program for participating schools and to the wider community.

We aim to provide clean renewable power at low cost where it is needed without any financial burden associated with purchase, on-going maintenance, and generation for participating schools in a renewable initiative. Genera will provide online access so the school can review its solar power generation thereby incentivising the generations at an early stage. Through its work Genera helps schools galvanise renewable, thus sustainability through education into their teaching and learning, environment. The impact of the initiative to the school buildings, grounds and the community is far reaching as future generations will be equipped with the understanding, knowledge and skills they need for living in the clean energy efficient21st century.


The process is simple and straightforward for schools A simple application process As the long-term manager of the system we work directly with clients so they are kept informed at all stages. A desktop survey takes place to assess the viability of the location for system We send a surveyor to the participating school for a full survey If all is ok, site surveys commence, if not, the clients are informed the reasons Property owners (which can be the schools and municipalities in many instances) give their consent as each client confirm by signing our PPA Surveys, designs and network approval is sought Structural surveys and final pre-installation site visits take place Installation takes place Power is generated which a client buy at a greatly discounted rate


A free energy solution is typically from 10kW with no upper limit No capital or maintenance costs usually associated with our solutions. Support to sort out any problems encountered as swiftly as is practicable as it is in the interests of both parties. A guaranteed long-term supply of clean renewable solar power at lower than market rates for the school to use to offset against rising energy prices from traditional energy companies and or government. Long-term cost savings so schools can spend more of their budgets on teaching and less on energy


A long-term relationship with Genera, whose principle interest is to ensure the viability of the energy solution, running efficiently to generate low cost energy for the school for at least 20 years, after which ownership of system passes to the school or municipality building No future liabilities for a governing body or the property administrator


A direct relationship with Genera and our network of partners, all of whom are concerned about the long-term future of the relationship, the school and pupils. Support for schools to help sustainability and environmental education teaching in schools through our energy interface Free access to an online website that displays energy generation and use that can be used for educational purposes. Continued support and professional development for schools that empowers them to embrace a curriculum and school's practice that is fit for the 21st century continuing support and development of a teaching and learning opportunity for pupils and staff, hopefully peer-led, that will help more schools and the wider community engage with education for sustainable development


  • Access to renewable solar energy generated power that will reduce the carbon footprint of the school.
  • Use of top solar cells, for maximum efficiency.
  • Long-term carbon savings by using renewable energy rather than fossil-fuel generated electricity