Genera has keenly been instrumental in completing power purchase agreements with utilities and electricity supply companies as well as national energy companies in a number of countries including the UK. From the perspective of the utility, Genera can supply stable, predictable electricity at a fraction of the rate of that sold by any local and or national electricity company to the end user client. In most cases we are able to trade the surplus electricity generated, as well as trading the renewable obligations certificates, carbon credits through CDM produced assets or embedded benefits that may accrue with each project.

A power purchase agreement (PPA) is a simple way of switching to low-cost clean energy with no up front cost, or maintenance costs. Genera can install an asset on almost any designated site for free of charge. Each client, be it commercial, municipality or national electricity company will receive market beating priced predictable electricity supply. This is extremely valuable to large consumers such as schools, distribution centers and factories to mention but a few. Genera will install and maintain the system over and above the life term of the agreement.

Each client will make massive gains by having access to significantly lower priced power thereby protecting their future energy price rises and maintaining a competitive edge.


  • No capital outlay
  • Instant saving on energy costs thus reducing the overall costs by up to 80% government subsidies and purchases.
  • No risk or responsibility for the operation & performance of the system, as all maintenance costs are covered by Genera
  • The electricity from the system will ensure positive energy security
  • The PPA rate will never exceed the price of sold electricity price index from fossil fuel production, thereby giving the incumbent energy security longer the life of the project.

NB:  Genera will install and maintain the equipment for free.


Choosing Genera is easy, with in-house expertise or through our network in all aspects of renewable energy assets – from design to installation, planning regulations to feed-in tariff registration – we offer a complete solution in a box. Our in-house management team have decades of experience in the renewable technology market from development of assets to financing and exit strategies.


With the introduction of next generation renewable assets in concentrated solar thermal (CSP), mini-hydro and waste to energy (WtE) to our asset portfolio, Genera can generate clean energy 24 hours a day 7 days a week. As global energy prices continue to rise, our efforts work in concert with any national power development programmes.


Genera partners with key strategic partners with pedigree in their business category, while at the same time using only best in class equipment suppliers. We collaborate with highly experienced engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firms who apply the most up to date and highest quality of design and installation practices. We also collaborate with a number of leading professional financial advisory firms both internationally and locally. We therefore rely on this key team of professional partners to assist us in delivering our projects on time, on budget, in an environmentally responsible manner and without limited disruption to the day to day lives of the population at larger, whether a single buildings occupant, children in school or individuals in a office complex or municipalities.