Commmercial & Municipal

We provide energy alternatives that can offset costly peak conventional electricity demand as well as the related fossil fuel dependence by making use of non-performing assets such as rooftops, barren land; commercial and domestic waste mountains and human bio waste dumping. There has never been a better time to transform a property into a value-generating asset.

We provide turnkey energy solutions from system design, financial structuring and material procurement to installation, project management, commissioning, and production monitoring. We are committed to serving our clients and will be involved in every step to ensure continuity and peace of mind. We work closely with our clients to help them understand their energy options, the regulations and authority requirements, as well as the financial benefits they can achieve through our Genera PPA.

We at Genera manage the entire process, from feasibility, development, and installation through to the maintenance services over the life of the system. We guarantee the electricity production of our systems to our customers so they can have peace of mind that the system will deliver them low-cost electricity for them in the long term.

Using our tested valuation models and simulations together with our access to financing, we can help each customer receive the maximum benefit to reduce their energy costs.

We constantly research and utilise the best available technologies with tier one partners & products, whilst maintaining a strong focus on ethical, sustainable green energy, and adhere to the highest possible standards of quality in our work. This ensures a high level of satisfaction for every customer we do business with. Most importantly, we stand behind every one of the solar energy installations to ensure that it delivers an optimal return to our customers. Maintenance Contracts and system warranties will ensure that the system remains performing at the optimum throughout its life cycle.


Feasibility and Planning Services

  • System Modelling and Micro-Climate Studies
  • Conceptual Development and Preliminary Layouts
  • Site Evaluations
  • Due Diligence
  • Transmission Studies
  • Site Constraints and Land Use Compatibility Analysis
  • Feasibility Assessment Reporting
  • Financial Analysis

Engineering Design Services

  • Permitting and Design Documentation for EIR, AFC, andCEQA Processes
  • Civil Grading Plans, Foundation Design and Underground Utilities
  • Mechanical Design of Racking and Tracking System (For Solar )
  • Structural Review of Existing Infrastructure and Attachment Systems
  • Detailed Electrical Design for Medium Voltage Connections to POCC
  • Local AHJ Permitting Packages

Procurement Services

  • Bid-Contract Package Preparation
  • Contractor Pre-Qualification
  • Bid-Solicitation and Analysis
  • Purchasing and Product Sourcing Assistance
  • Bill of Material Preparation

Project Management Services

  • Scheduling
  • Project Coordination
  • Progress Management
  • Project Reporting
  • Project Economics

Testing and Commissioning Services

  • System and Acceptance Testing
  • Commissioning and Customer Training
  • O&M Manual, QA/QC Reporting, and Warranty Documentation