Genera is a 360 vertically integrated international renewable energy development consultancy. Our expertise lies in the development of energy assets, from inception to switch on therefore we consult in all spheres of, from seed (idea) to financial close and project commissioning as well as on going O&M. We are advising on projects in different stages of development in five countries and two continents. In the UK, we have focused purely on solar (PV) for private enterprises as well as the public sector. In other global jurisdictions, we have concentrated on power purchase agreements for production of energy through biogas, solar farms, Biodiesel, bio-ethanol waste-to-energy, and Jatropha plantations.

In our endeavours, we have documented that high upfront costs of equipment purchase, installation and ongoing Operational & Management (O&M) attributed to renewable energy power production has been the main inhibitor to many thousands of companies owning and operating in this space. Typically, return on investment (ROI)is achieved after many years, wherein our case cost saving are immediate. It is imperative to understand that upon engaging with Genera there will be no charges of any kind to the beneficial owner save for the power purchase agreement.

We are showing a rapid global and concerted sector growth while having forecasted ever- increasing developing community customer base. Our success in delivering the right solution for every customer is based on the ethic we bring to each client. Our specialist expertise by sector enables us to provide benchmarked energy solutions. Our industry experts are always up to date with relevant movements in the renewable energy market.

In most cases all the electricity produced by the generation stations Genera offers, are what we would term inflation protective energy solution, which will guarantee cheaper, cleaner energy solutions. We believe this illustrates money that will be saved immediately upon completion of installation. The free financed energy solutions we offer will not only give good clean energy, but we can attest that the client will typically see energy cost savings by up to 80%. These massive savings are coupled with the fact that no client pays for any of the equipment, installation, and ongoing O&M

In all our endeavours we will always use only the top end of the efficiency equipment, to this end our offer is to make sure that the beneficial owner/client are able to dramatically reduce their energy cost, thereby allowing the financial focus to be levied elsewhere. For government municipalities, this means the development to communities at both the local and national bases. While for commercial entities, this means the refocus of finances to other parts.

As we specialise in utility-scale renewable projects, we cover all aspects of development including site assessment, obtaining planning and grid connection rights, construction management and long- term asset management. Our expertise is completing projects in a successful manner that makes them suitable investments for sophisticated and institutional investors as well as pension funds, global multinational banks and hedge funds. We believe the human condition is at a precipice where we have begun to push for safer, cleaner, sustainable fuels for long-term energy security as well as working towards the eradication of fuel poverty.

In the developed world the focus is cleaner fuel with state independent production, thus security, while in the developing world the focus is the attainment of development fuel (clean or dirty), health through sanitation and long-term fuel security.

We aim to acquire and development projects in energy with the concentration of renewable assets. As we only deliver multi-MW assets, we are able to mobilise studies from a basic MOU or pre- PPA agreement.